55 - Katherine Parr (3): The Wife of Moses

The first Queen of England to have a book published in her own name, Katherine Parr used her time on the throne to try and push England towards radical religious reform. And it would nearly cost her everything.


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I'm going to be very open with you all about this. As a British person, I have always found talking about money a little... uncomfortable. I honestly found editing 30 minutes of my own voice a far less cringing task than when I have asked you for support on Patreon. It never ceases to amaze me how many of you are supporting me financially, especially those contributing over $12 per month - I will always be so grateful to you all.

However, what with getting married recently and moving into a new flat with my wife, there are now greatly increased demands on my time, especially with the podcast now a weekly show.

Don't get me wrong, I love doing the Queens of England Podcast. It is a creative outlet that I sorely needed when I started and it has been a sheer joy (most of the time) doing it for the last two years. This will never be a chore for me.

But doing all the research, writing, editing, recording, editing, rendering and posting for each episode takes up close to 15 hours per week, much of it on week days, and now more than ever I need this time to carry its own weight.

TLDNR, I have moved my media hosting service from Blubrry to Acast. This you won't really notice. What you will notice is that going forward there are going to be pre-roll and post-roll ads on the show.

If you are a listener to The History of England, Renaissance English History Podcast or 10 American Presidents then you will be familiar with this system as they are also hosted on Acast. I will not be doing mid-roll ads as these I think don't work on history podcasts.

Over time I will go through the back catalogue and remove the old Audible ads as well so I won't be doubling up on the advertising.

I am assured by Acast that this process has been done cleanly and smoothly so you won't have to resubscribe or redirect or anything like that.

I hope that this process will not disrupt your enjoyment of the podcast. It will continue just as it has ever done, with all the research and humour that I know you enjoy.

If you have any questions or concerns then please do get in touch.

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48 - Anne of Cleves (2): God Send Me Well To Keep

After their disastrous first meeting with Anne of Cleves, Henry reluctantly embarked on his fourth marriage. Yet the proof of the pudding would be in the consumating - and there enlay the problem.


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